Testimony of Pastor Angel A. Lopez

Pastor Angel A. Lopez

Dear Friend,

I greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  My name is Angel A. Lopez, I am the pastor of Lighthouse Church Ministries.  God has blessed me with the opportunity to minister through the airwave on several “Radio Programs”  as well as the World Wide Web.  I am also the steward of a “Street Ministry” and a “Prison Ministry” that the Lord has placed in my care.  To God be the glory!  I was not always blessed this way.  I was a rebellious young man and demon possessed.  I believe that there was a God but I did not know Him.  I was in a generational curse.  My father was abusive and my mother and siblings were very afraid of him.  I had it in my heart that the world hated me and I hated the world.  I spent (15) years of my life in and out of prison.  I was arrested over 89 times for different issues.  I was placed in Anchora the New Jersey State Hospital which is a mental institution over 11 times.  The devil had his way with me.  I was serving him in my ignorance.  There was a curse upon me and I did not know it.  But God in His infinite Grace and Mercy, found me worth more than I thought I was worth.  At a time when I lived in the streets, bathed in the local river and called a pack of streets dogs my friend; I had no one to love me.

I was use to living with animals.  I considered myself as an one of them.  I have no formal education.  The only thing I knew was to be violent.  I would fight every day.  I would pick fights with everyone and anyone.  When I could not find anyone to fight with, I would cut myself with glass, knives and I would hit myself with sticks and bottles.  I needed to see blood.  My body carries the scars of bullet holes and stab wounds from the battles in the street.  Today these scars are the testimony of how great God is  If He has “Saved” me from myself, why would not I trust Him with my life?  I know He could and will do it for anyone else.  There is so much I am grateful for.  I give God the glory for all it.  Jesus is my Lord and my Refuge in Him will I trust.  Even If I wanted to keep silent my life is a testimony of what He has done.  If I could share my testimony on one page this would be it.  I am sharing this portion of my testimony in order to introduce myself.  Please pray for me.  Thank you for taking the time out and reading the information enclosed.  I pray that I would have the opportunity to meet you in person…God bless you.

Pastor Angel A. LopezToday Pastor Angel Lopez is happily married to Nilda Lopez and has been for over 30 years.  He is the father of 4 boys, and owner of a family business.  Pastor Angel Lopez can be heard throughout the Delaware Valley and in other countries.  On the radio program called “The Emergency Room”.  The Emergency Room radio program is a 30 minute program that offers intercessory Prayer and a Word of edification.  In addition to being a Pastor, he is also a street warrior for the Lord.  “What Jesus did for me, I am compelled to do it for someone else…”